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Are you looking for a new church in the Santa Monica area?

Posted by calvary on August 10, 2016 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)

christian church santa monicaWhen a person moves to a new area one of the first things that they may choose to do is look for a new church to attend. Many people will attend the same church their entire lives because that is the church that they know and that they have rooted their faith. As long as someone is happy at their church, they may never see a reason to leave. When a person moves, finding a new church to plant your roots can be very difficult. However, when a person first moves to a new place finding a church community is a great way to meet people. Meeting new friends at church is a great way to ensure that your friendships will last a lifetime.


If you are looking for a new church there are many things that you want to consider. Below is a list of tips that can help someone to find a church that meets their needs.


1. Ask around


Ask around to your friends, family, and neighbors to see if anyone you know can recommend a Christian church that they think you would like. Even if your friends don't know of anything, at least they now know that you are looking. This way if they hear of something great, they can let you know!


2. Try it out


Once you have received a couple of recommendations from friends, family, or neighbors, the next step is to try out a couple of different places. Attend Sunday service at a couple of different churches so that you can get a feel for what the church and their community are like. Spend some time walking around the church to see if you can envision yourself and your family becoming members of that church.


3. Talk to current members


This step is vital. When looking for a new church it is important that you talk to current members of the church and try to get to know them a little bit. Talking to current members can help to give you a sense of whether or not you and your family will fit in well with their community.


4. Ask questions


If you were a member of the choir at your last church and it was something that you really enjoyed, be sure to ask if their choir is looking for new members. If signing worship is not your thing, ask about how much time is dedicated to that on a normal Sunday service. Ask questions about the holiday services and about the times of normal Sunday service to make sure that it will work with your schedule.


If you are looking for a Christian church in the Santa Monica area, the Calvary Church of Pacific Palisade may be just what you are looking for. Calvary Church of Pacific Palisade has a large community of decimated Christians who are excited to welcome new members to their church. Calvary Church of Pacific Palisade has many children's programs as well, including groups for middle school, high school, and college kids.